Find Need for Speed: Most Wanted supercars in London, get a free ride

Spot the Porsche, sit in the Porsche. Simples.

If you want a ride in a lusciously over-powered motor, and don't want to buy Need for Speed: Most Wanted, then fear not - for much as the mountain came to Mohammed, so Most Wanted's garage of throbbing, curvaceous chrome has come to the streets of London.

A number of roadsters - including the Porsche 911 Carrera, Lamborghini LP560 Sypder, Mercedes SLS and BMW M3 - are at large in Finsbury park and Southampton. For a free trip, tweet a picture of yourself standing next to one @NeedForSpeed with the hashtag #MostWanted. Here are some pictures tweeted by jammy dodgers who stumbled on a roadster yesterday.

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