GTA 5 release date is spring 2013, says new source

Polish posters suggest Rockstar's opus arriving soon

Grand Theft Auto 5's release date will be "Spring 2013" according to some credible-looking posters which have been photographed and posted on a Polish GTA 5 fansite.

The posters on show both the recently revealed GTA 5 artwork which Rockstar posted last week, along with a new piece in the same style that looks to be of the chap we saw running away from the police in the first trailer. They look convincing, and unfinished - still in uncut form like our covers do when we get them from the manufacturer, which suggests somebody's snagged them direct from a printing press. The original site's gone down under the sheer force of excitement, so we've posted them here. Previous retailer leaks have already pointed at a spring 2013 release date for the game.


So when would the GTA 5 final release date be? Our money is on May, as suggested by a rather dubious GTA leak back in March. It's unlikely to be earlier because Rockstar parent Take Two has another, very expensive, game to release in February - the somewhat-behind-schedule Bioshock Infinite. It's unlikely to be later because game sales nosedive during the summer - and Rockstar likes to release games in May, as it has done for the last couple of years.

You can guarantee this news will send a shiver down the spine of other publishers planning to release anything early next year: GTA's sales dominance is so assured that everybody else packs up and goes home for a fortnight. Which means that the people toiling away on Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gears of War: Judgment and the other big releases are definitely not going to get any extra time to get them finished.

There's still a chance that Rockstar won't have the game ready in time - it doesn't release stuff until it's good and ready, and as this is GTA we're talking about, it could come out during a tsunami and still sell well - but this looks like a pretty convincing reason to start saving your pennies for next spring. In the meantime, check out our list of GTA rumours, our pick of six games GTA 5 could learn from and why GTA 5's lead character could be an FBI agent, and why that's brilliant.