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Minecraft Xbox 360 Halloween Skin Pack - 55 skins, 13 developers, all for charity

ToyLogic, Rare, Tequila Works and Twisted Pixel pitch in

For a game suffused with sunbeams, cuboid sheep and pleasant, plinky-plonky music, Minecraft sure can be scary at times. There's the shock of waking up to find a Creeper outside your door, the terror of hearing a zombie grind its teeth round a corner, the moist sensation that sets in when the sun goes down and you realise you're miles from home, holding a broken wooden shovel.

And it's only going to get scarier come 26th October, aka tomorrow, when 4J releases the Minecraft Halloween Skin Pack. As you'd expect, mummies, grim reapers and pumpkin heads are prevalent among the 55 new skins, contributed by developers like Tequila Works, Army of Trolls, Climax, Rare, The Behemoth, Toylogic and Twisted Pixel. Horrifying! If you're five years old. Those over five are more likely to think something along the lines of: "SWEET CAPE".

The pack costs 160 MP, and 100 per cent of that 160 MP goes to charity - namely, Macmillan Cancer Support, Child's Play, SANDS Lothians and Block by Block. Here's a JLS-style group photo.