Minecraft Xbox 360 update: 13 best Creative Mode worlds

We came, we saw, we cowered

When I started researching this piece, I was confidently expecting to be terrified by what people have knocked together using Minecraft Xbox 360's Creative Mode, introduced by last week's Minecraft update. If you're new to Creative Mode, it equips the player with infinite blocks of all kinds and the power of flight. Superman meets Bob the Builder, basically. The mind boggles, right?

In fact, the Minecraft worlds that raise the most hairs on my craven, unCreative spine are the ones they didn't make using Creative Mode. Sure, Survival Mode architects have had more time at the wheel than their floating, bottomlessly pocketed cousins, but they've also had more Creepers, pitfalls and mountains to deal with. Hats off to you, sirs and madams. You've stared impossibility in the face and prevailed. Try not to curl your lips to excess as you peruse the hand-dived Creative Mode efforts that follow - it's bad for the gums.

The Starship Enterprise (Batdood)
If you're wondering why they bothered adding a SuperFlat world generator option, witness the mighty starship below. Are you reading this, Batdood? Why not install a couple of TNT launchers to serve as photon torpedo tubes? And would it KILL you to build a fully functioning bridge?


The Hole (alexatari)
Too much crust, not enough mantle? Simply clump together 1000 blocks of TNT and give one of them a kick. Instant geological activity.


The Sex Bob-omb (datalaughing)
That's Kim Pine from the Scott Pilgrim comicbooks, in case you don't read comicbooks. Or play XBLA brawlers.

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