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Happy Wars updates and DLC planned "every 1-2 months", ToyLogic hoping to run game for years

Xbox Live Arcade's first free-to-play game gets full support

ToyLogic plans to update multiplayer brawler Happy Wars - the first free-to-play game on Xbox Live Arcade, in case you'd forgotten - every couple of months at the very least, and will release new items and maps "almost every week".

"We plan to feature updates at least once every one-to-two months, from game additions to season-based events," company CEO and president Yoichi Take told OXM at a review event. "Also, we will be adding new items almost every week, along with continually releasing new maps."


The developer is keeping close tabs on its (reportedly thriving) player base. "We also want to be very open to feedback and suggestions from our players. We already have plans in motion that reflect early player feedback in balancing the game, and are also talking to fans on Facebook and similar channels to ask for new equipment and content ideas."

A multiple-year lifespan isn't impossible, given present levels of interest. "We hope so, of course!" Take observed. "If we can get the players' support, we would like to continue running the game for as long as possible, and we are structuring our organization and update plans to allow this."

Our verdict on Happy Wars is that we probably wouldn't pay for it, so it's a good job you don't have to. Those who pay for special weapons and the like do appear to have the advantage, however. Here's OXM forumite schwepterbrowser with a few tips on that front.

"I haven't spent a penny on the game and I'm usually MVP, I also have over 1500 kills for ~300 deaths. Use the Happy Spinner for the chance to get some good weapons with the in-game currency and if you have no good weapons stay back and play a support role. It's also a good idea to play the story missions as you unlock them, they offer some good rewards."

Anything to add, Happy Warfarers?