World's first Hitman: Absolution Xbox 360 review - 9/10 in the new OXM

Agent 47 chalks up another skilled execution

Tucked within the meaty folds of OXM issue 92 you'll find the world's first review of Hitman: Absolution on Xbox 360 - a triumph of stealth and sandbox design that retains "everything that fans have ever loved about the series", but delivers those features with "beguiling flexibility". There is a big, reassuring number at the end of that review, and that number is exactly one point less than 10. Sweet.

Wannabe balding killer Matt praised the game as "slick, thrilling and well paced with jet-black humour", singling out its user-driven Contracts feature and diversity of mission types. "Absolution genuinely makes you feel like the most dangerous man in the world," he observes at one point. We haven't dared turn our backs on him since the copy went to press.

Update: our full Hitman: Absolution Xbox 360 review is now online. Come and get it.


There's plenty more in issue 92, which hits the slopes on Friday 26th October (subscribers are getting their copies now). Among other masterstrokes of sofa-based journalism, you'll read coverage of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Lost Planet 3 and Sacred 3 alongside deep-delving guides to Black Ops 2 and Halo 4. Don't miss, and stay pumped for the release of Hitman: Absolution itself on 20th November.