How to get the "broken" Dishonored achievements

Bethesda weighs in on reports of glitching milestones

Having difficulty completing all of Dishonored's Achievements? Ardently of the opinion that this is because said Achievements are, in fact, "broken"? INSOLENT FOOL: YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS BROKEN. Bethesda has released a quick guide to nabbing some of the coyer in-game milestones. Turns out there's more than one way to kill a man, and more than one way to not kill one too.

I've reposted the Q&A in full, along with any and all spelling errors. Self-entitled ingrates like you don't deserve proper proof-reading, see. (Note: if certain of these achievements do turn out to be broken, I'm very, very sorry for shouting at you just now and also for calling you a "self-entitled ingrate". Dishonored is an emotional subject round these parts.)


Without further ado...

I've activated the Arc Pylon in the final Pub visit and killed six enemies in less than a second, but the Tempest Achievement/Trophy did not unlock. Why?
This is behaving as designed.
I did not receive the 'Mostly Flesh and Steel' Achievement/Trophy despite only using the Blink supernatural ability. Why?
The description reads "besides Blink," however, this is referring to the initial Blink power that you receive from The Outsider in the Dream. Purchasing Blink Level 2 will prevent the Achievement/Trophy from unlocking.
Equipping Bone Charms will not count against this Achievement/Trophy.
How do I meet the requirements for the 'Mercy is the Mark' Achievement/Trophy?
In order to actually "Spare" Daud and meet the requirements, you will need to either physically fight Daud and walk away when he surrenders, or take the key without being detected and ignore Daud.
The Achievement/Trophy will not unlock by simply rendering him unconscious.
How do I meet the requirements for the 'Ghost/Shadow/Specter/Faceless/Clean Hands' Achievements/Trophies?
Killing the Weepers present in the sewers beneath the Hound Pits Pub just before The Golden Cat mission will count against the Clean Hands achievement, but will not count against the achievements dealing with being spotted.
If Granny Rags is Sleep Darted or Choked Out after destroying the Cameo in the Flooded District Mission, this will count as a kill and will prevent you from getting Clean Hands.
I met the requirements of the 'Versatile' achievement/trophy, but it was not rewarded. Why?
When fighting a Tallboy, if their Whale Oil packs explode, this may count as the final damage received instead of the used ammo or weapon type. The kill may then not count towards the 'Versatile' achievement/trophy.
I took down a Tall Boy by the criteria listed for the 'Big Boy' achievement/trophy, but it was not rewarded? Why?
The Achievement/Trophy may not unlock if the Tallboy receives other damage such as that from a nearby guard or another Tallboy.
I met the requirements of the 'Wall of Sparks' achievement/trophy, but it was not rewarded. Why?
The Achievement/Trophy may not unlock if another object such as that thrown/fired by another enemy or a rat (not summoned by your character) passes through as the NPC is disintegrated. This is due to that object/creature triggering the Wall of Light to kill the NPC, rather than being killed by your character.
What are reasons I may not have received the achievement/trophy for 'The Escapist'.
Once your character has fled a group of alerted enemies, it may take a few moments for their awareness to drop. In some cases, this search period may last up to a couple of minutes.
If your character transitions between game areas (designated by a prompt that you're leaving the area), while attempting to hide from a group of previously alerted enemies, it will cancel the cooldown, and the Achievement/Trophy will not be awarded.