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Back to Columbia: new Bioshock Infinite trailer silences doubters

2K and Irrational unveil gorgeous in-engine montage

You know that ridiculous bit in the Matrix Revolutions (watch from the nine minute mark) when Neo smacks Agent Smith's face in slow motion and his CGI face goes all wibbly-wobbly? Well, that's basically what Bioshock Infinite's new trailer did to my face over the weekend. The Force is strong with this one, everybody.

Infinite has been the subject of worried talk in the past few months, following news of a release delay and the cancellation of two multiplayer modes. Former Epic man Rod Fergusson signed up as Irrational's executive vice-president of development in August. "I've played Infinite and it's amazing!" he said at the time. It certainly looks the business, Rod. Carry on.

As we're coming to expect from 2K trailers, the music is swish. Read our massive Bioshock Q&A for more on what, precisely, the hell is going on.