OXM Breakdown wins a Games Media Award

You really love us!

In case you hadn't cottoned on yet, Log's OXM Breakdown series is born of a wish to mock, defile and outrage every last member of the games industry. It's saying something about the games industry's gluttony for punishment, then, that our man walked off with the Best Video trophy at last night's Games Media Awards. Lap it up, suckers!


Matt and I were also up for Top Tweeter and Specialist Games Writer awards, respectively. Our just desserts were denied us, however, by the sickening competence of Steve Dogarty/Hogarty (formerly of Official Nintendo) and Christian Donlan (freelancer and practising bearded man). Fie upon them and anybody else who's good at what they do.

In celebration of Log's achievement, here's every OXM Breakdown to date. We're generous to a fault, yes. Read about the event in full here.