Battlefield 3 DLC Aftermath - first trailer takes us back to earthquake territory

Four new maps, one new mode and a high-tech crossbow

DICE has released the first trailer for Battlefield 3 DLC pack Aftermath. This one's a bit different - it's set in the long, straggly wake of the campaign's Tehran segment, and the idea isn't so much to conquer as to endure.

We're talking a mix of infantry battling and motorised warfare on four medium-sized urban maps racked by devastating earthquakes. There's a new crossbow - stealing Crysis 3's thunder, surely? - and a new mode, Scavenge, in which players begin proceedings with a sidearm, knife and grenade.


Additional assignments, achievements and vehicles (modified using salvage from the ruined city) are promised. The maps don't appear to be dynamic, but it's worth bearing in mind that real-time environment deformation during multiplayer is "technically possible" using the Frostbite 2 engine. Duck and cover?

A bit more about the crossbow. It's a gadget that can be used by all classes, and it fires four different kinds of ammunition - a standard bolt, an explosive bolt, a sniper bolt and a detection bolt, which presumably flags enemies up on radars when they're out of view.

Aftermath is out on 18th December.