Minecraft Xbox 360 update 1.8.2 - will I have to delete my existing Minecraft world?

How the new features will filter across

Minecraft Xbox 360 update 1.8.2 is now deep into Microsoft certification testing, hurtling towards daylight like some cataclysmic undersea eruption. The update is an absolute treasure trove, as detailed in our ultimate guide and Minecraft Survival Mode 2.0 tips piece, but a disturbing thought nags at our brains - will we have to restart existing Minecraft worlds from scratch in order to sample the new features?

The answer, thankfully, is "not necessarily". According to 4J Studios' Stuart Ross, new mechanics like Hunger and sprinting "will be universal, so you can play with those features on your old worlds. Just world generation that's different." The same's true of new enemy mobs, such as the dastardly Silverfish.


New terrain types, on the other hand, won't appear in parts of the world you've already explored - but will pop up when you push into the blank spaces on your map. "No changes will be applied to parts of the world already generated, but areas not yet generated will have the new terrain," Ross tweeted yesterday.

We're still waiting for clarification on the fate of new structures like Strongholds - of which players are allotted a maximum of three per world. The key thing to remember right now is thus: if you've got a world in play, stay put. Wait for the update to arrive before venturing further afield.

A few other recent Twitter takeaways: the update won't add any additional Achievements, and 4J forgot to mention critical hits in the Minecraft Xbox 360 update 1.8.2 changelog. According to the Minecraft wiki, critical hits are marked by floating sparkles, and are executed when you attack something in mid-air. Don't forget to jump a lot during your first punch-up with the Endermen. (Apparently you can also perform them while sprinting, too - cheers, TinnoUnited.)

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