Xbox 360 dashboard update: Microsoft may discard Microsoft Point system, use real money

Windows 8 Xbox Video store accepts direct credit card payments

The Xbox 360 dashboard update reportedly due in late October may dispense with Microsoft's long-running Microsoft Points currency, if recent moves on the Windows 8 front are any indication.

The Verge notes that real-money purchases can now be made on prototype versions of Windows 8's Xbox Video store - previous Windows 8 betas have used the points system.


Given that Microsoft is looking to unify its various software and hardware products under the "Xbox" brand, it seems plausible this shift will be reflected at some point on Xbox 360. Windows 8 launches on 26th October. Keep an eye on the Marketplace.

New Xbox 360 dashboard features known to be in the works include a console version of Internet Explorer, the streaming Xbox Music service, and user recommendations and ratings. The manufacturer threw open another round of beta testing in August.

Certain OXM forumites are known to be among the testers. Anything to disclose that isn't covered by a non-disclosure agreement, chaps and chapettes?