Bethesda founds Battlecry Studios to craft free-to-play MMO for Xbox 360

Elder Scrolls, Fallout household seeks talent with "console experience, preferably next generation"

Bethesda's parent company ZeniMax has set up a new developer, the rousingly titled Battlecry Studios. Based in Austin - not far from Dishonored developer Arkane - Battlecry is headed by BioWare veteran Rich Vogel and appears to be developing a free-to-play MMO of sorts for console and PC.

That's per the new outfit's job pages (well spotted, Eurogamer). Battlecry seeks artists, designers and programmers who have (variously) a "strong technical understanding of online games and their specialized art requirements", a "strong passion for games and excellent knowledge of FPS's and RPG's", an understanding of how free-to-play games are monetised and "console experience, preferably next generation (PS3, Xbox 360)".


The idea of a hybrid RPG shooter points, of course, to another Fallout title, though possibly not Fallout 4. A source who "may or may not be an MiT employee" recently rumoured that the latter would be set in Boston and focus on the doings of The Institute, a sinister high tech group referenced but never encountered in Fallout 3.

Microsoft has revealed that multiple Gold-exclusive free-to-play games are planned for Xbox 360. We'll be very surprised indeed if the list ends with Happy Wars and Ascend: New Gods. What would you do with a free-to-play Fallout MMO?