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EA exec: we'll die the day we stop doing new IP

DICE veteran: we do innovate, Battlefield 3 is proof

EA's Swedish label boss Patrick Soderlund has defended the publisher's track record of delivering new IP and "innovation" at large, citing Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Battlefield 3 as proof of a commitment to new ideas.

"A lot of people criticise EA for not being innovative", Soderlund commented in an interview with MCV. "But look at what EA has done with Battlefield 3.


"We said, here's a game that looks like nothing you've ever seen before. We looked at animation, we looked at audio, we looked at every single part of the visual experience and we said: how can we change this? I think if that's not innovation, I don't know what innovation is.

"Then you look at Most Wanted this year and Need for Speed really looks cool and different," he went on. "Those things don't just happen by mistake, those are all diligent strategies with someone saying: 'probably not good enough'.

Asked about EA's current projects - there are "three to five" in the works for next generation consoles, according to fellow executive Frank Gibeau - Soderlund declined to give details, but asserted that crafting new IP is vital both to sustain developer morale and invigorate the market.

"To me, the day we stop doing new IP is the day we put ourselves on life support and then we're slowly going to die," he said. "It's not only needed for the industry and for the consumers but it's also needed for the creatives.

"They need something different to think about. They have a lot of creativity built into them that they need to get out. The day that we stop thinking about new things that are not Need for Speed is the day that I'll probably leave the games industry."

We'll hold you to that, Patrick. Company CEO John Riccitiello says next generation consoles will arrive next year, and that boxed gaming is no longer the deciding factor for EA.