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FIFA 13 Ultimate Team tips - 10 things you must try

Expert advice on today's new release

Ultimate Team, one of the mosts popular modes in FIFA, has received a rather sizeable overhaul for FIFA 13. Packed with extra features and modes there are now more ways to build a brilliant team than ever but these additions mean the whole thing can be a little daunting for newcomers and pros alike.

Thankfully we're here to help. We've got ten top tips that should help you become a better FIFA Ultimate Team manager and propel your own team into stardom. If you're looking for more information, you might like to consider our FIFA 13 review, or our rundown of the FIFA 12 faults that FIFA 13 fixes.


1. Use the Football Club catalogue
The EA Sports Football Club returns in FIFA 12, allowing you to earn XP for everything you do in the game. This time however you also earn Football Club cash on top of that. This can be spent in the brand new catalogue, which contains loads of different unlockables ranging from classic strips to different types of ball or goal celebration.

Why is this relevant to Ultimate Team? Well, some of the items that can be bought in the catalogue are specifically designed for Ultimate Team mode. Some give you extra coins each time you play a match, others let you stock more consumables while others allow more trades to take place at the same time. You can hold RT in the catalogue and choose "Ultimate Team to filter out the other goodies and see what's on offer.

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