DICE veteran "would love to make Battlefield 2143"

But sci-fi sequel isn't currently in production

DICE isn't presently working on a sequel - spiritual or otherwise - to Battlefield 2142, the franchise's one and only traipse into science fiction, despite all the obnoxious wittering I did on the subject in July. But creative director Lars Gustavsson finds the idea very appealing.

"No, it's currently not but I would love to make it," Gustavsson told listeners during a fan Q&A (thanks, Videogamer), when asked whether Battlefield 2143 was "in the pipeline".


"I would love to do it," he went on. "When we announced in the studio that we were going to build Battlefield 2142, a lot of people ran over and wanted to apply for that team. I guess that the creative freedom that comes with a fictional world is something that's tempting when you have made games around historical and contemporary settings for a longer time."

Gustavsson's words echo those of studio boss Karl Magnus Troedsson, who observed earlier this year that developers are beginning to "move away from the modern setting, because every now and again settings or themes start to get stale and then everyone jumps over."

Will the recently announced Battlefield 4 be set in the future, then? Only if it makes sense in terms of the nitty-gritty, Troedsson cautioned - jumping the timeline forward counts for nothing in itself. "It's a bit cheap to just say, 'Okay, we're going to switch and go back in time or into the future and that will be innovation'.

"It will definitely drive the franchise forward for whatever game, but it's not true innovation, it's more a thematic change that has a perceived value to the gamers out there. But as a developer you can only make so many games in one particular era, and then you personally start to get a bit bored with it."

How would you go about crafting Battlefield 2143?