Black Ops 2 Zombies is practically its own game: first gameplay trailer and full details released

Open world, new zombies, team-based survival, crazy bus carnage

You wait all day for a bus... and then somebody drives one straight through the wall, a tornado of rust, fire and bullets crammed with screeching corpses. Treyarch has released the very first Black Ops 2 Zombies Mode gameplay trailer and a host of new details. This isn't just a Zombies Mode, people. By the sounds of things, it's practically a separate game.


Three modes have been revealed. Tranzit, the main focus, is a full-blown open world dealio in which four players travel around aboard said flaming bus-tornado, blasting zombies to hell in a range of scenic locales. You can open up more of those scenic locales by gathering items and resources, but slowing down is risky - zombies will happily clamber onto the bus and break through the windows, given the opportunity.

Survival, meanwhile, is closer to the Zombies Modes of previous games - you're dropped into an isolated area and obliged to fend off zombies while unlocking weapons and fortifying your base. Grief, finally, is an eight player affair in which two teams try to out-last each other. You can't kill members of the other team, but we're guessing you'll be able to nick their weapons and gear. All the Survival and Grief maps are locked-off locations from Tranzit mode.

Expect full multiplayer-style stat-tracking, leaderboards and custom game setup options, as well as new zombie types. Check out the trailer. If I was Left 4 Dead, I'd be genuinely worried.

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