Dishonored: Tales from Dunwall video series teaches the dangers of ambition

How Arkane's steampunk city became a city of terror

You're hopefully well up to speed on the choices you'll make in Arkane's Dishonored - whether to stop time and queue up a fusillade or teleport-jump into a stealth kill, whether to travel via the rooftops or through the sewer. But what of the world these choices take place within? What of Dunwall's past and present?

Seeking to bring everybody up to speed, Bethesda has launched a new animated web series which offers insights on some of the places and characters you'll encounter in-game. The first episode introduces us (eventually) to Anton Sokolov, scientist and architect of the city's present political circumstances. Not a particularly nice man, no. There are ways of dealing with such people.

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Given recent exec comments about the wisdom of launching new IP late in the hardware cycle, Log is worried that nobody will buy Dishonored. Will you?