Minecraft Xbox 360 update 1.8.2 - the ultimate guide

Creative, new structures, new enemies and new items

Minecraft Xbox 360 update 1.8.2 is almost upon us, a "week or two" away from Microsoft certification testing at the last count. This is the grandest, most ambitious Minecraft update yet, transforming the game into something that's both deeper and more dangerous, and we've rounded up the pick of currently known information below, along with the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 screenshots and videos.

This isn't a complete list of alterations - 4J continues to dribble out new details, and while all eventualities can theoretically be predicted by way of the Minecraft PC wiki, the developer has jumped the gun in certain respects, adding bits and pieces from later updates ahead of time. We'll keep our ears to the ground and refresh this article as we go. For more of a long-term outlook, peruse this round-up of forthcoming game-changers.


World options
Superflat Worlds
Want to assemble a to-scale model of the London Olympics stadium, but can't be bothered levelling all the hills and mountains first? The Superflat world option is your friend. It generates an environment consisting of one layer of grass, two layers of dirt and a layer of bedrock. Bear in mind that you'll miss out on buried structures like Strongholds as a consequence, and that it'll be easier for enemies to find you. Unlike in Minecraft on PC, choosing Superflat will also result in an entirely level Nether too.

Creative Mode
By far the biggest new feature, though one that's pleasantly easy to explain, Creative Mode equips you with the power of flight, access to infinite blocks of any variety and an enemy-free world to sculpt to your satisfaction. The Xbox 360 version features a redesigned interface that's easier on the thumbs, dividing materials into tabbed categories. While there's no switching between modes in-game, you can always build a world in Creative, then back out and load it up in Survival (there are separate player leaderboards for each Minecraft mode).


Tutorial World
All hail Minecraft, the only Xbox Live Arcade release where revisiting the tutorial is actually a worthwhile experience. Minecraft Xbox 360 update 1.8.2 replaces all existing Tutorial World secrets and Easter eggs, so make sure you've seen the lot before downloading. The revamped Tutorial World makes room for all the new structures, terrain types and mechanics, and there are 12 additional hidden chests to uncover. Keep those peepers peeled.

New Achievements
4J hasn't specified what these are yet, but we imagine they'll relate to the new mechanics.

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