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Kinect Nat Geo TV

Let's learn about bears and then punch a wolf

Using Kinect to create an interactive version of Nat Geo TV, this budget-priced disc contains eight 30-minute episodes about American wildlife. They're hosted by Casey Anderson - a very likeable chap with a pet bear called Brutus. The TV shows are exactly the same as those you'd see on an American telly, but the artful way in which Kinect has been integrated justifies the extra cost.

Every couple of minutes you'll see animal tracks appear on screen, allowing you to hop into an optional activity - normally a short educational quiz followed by a mini-game where you get to pretend to be an animal. Punching bears in the face is always satisfying, and you can't go wrong with an owl rave.


The quiz elements are really well-executed too, using bespoke video footage of Casey and Brutus that sneakily teaches you a bunch of new stuff. Rather than just being a dull pop-up quiz, each section simply asks one or two questions, with specific videos to follow each choice that explain why you got the answer right or wrong.

You can drop in and just play the mini-games after all eight episodes have been exhausted, and you'll also get a year's subscription to new downloadable episodes on Xbox Live. If you've got children who are obsessed with animals, this is really smart stuff that educates and entertains. The production values are consistently impressive, and we've learned at least six new things about bears. You can't say that about Gears of War 3.

The verdict

Interactive animal TV that consistently entertains

  • Twenty quid is the right price
  • Top-of-class owl technology
  • Interaction is smart & slick
  • Kinect mini-games are silly fun
  • Only eight episodes
Party, Sim / Strategy