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Halo 4 Dominion Mode gets first screenshots - like Battlefield's Conquest, but faster and more ferocious

All your bases are belong to 343

343 has unveiled a new Halo 4 multiplayer mode, Dominion - a familiar-on-the-surface objective capture affair with a few new twists and turns. Thanks, The Verge.

As in Battlefield's Conquest mode, the idea is to seize and defend bases in order to generate points. Unlike in Conquest, nabbing all three bases will trigger a sudden death countdown for the other team, fostering shorter match times and a heightened sense of frenzy.

Capturing a base is just the start - hold onto it for long enough, and you'll unlock a resupply which causes fortifications to spawn in the surrounding area. These include holographic vehicle deploy stations, personal turrets and door shields.


Resupplied bases also take longer to convert to the enemy's flag, and offer additional match points after a certain time. If you can't take a base, it's possible to pause the resupply countdown by mounting doomed assaults.

Busy next Wednesday, 26th September? Because you could be playing Halo 4 with us and speaking to actual live-captured 343 developers, including studio boss Frank O'Connor.

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