Half-Life 3 is open world, will release "after 2013" - Valve source

Development has been "very chaotic", next gen release possible

Half-Life 3 is an open world game with RPG elements and will release "after 2013", according to a person "close to Valve".

Picked up by the International Business Times, a Journaldugamer report speaks of frequent "total revisions" for the long-awaited sequel throughout a "very chaotic" development. Apparently, it was once a "pure shooter" before gravitating to puzzle-solving and exploration. The latest incarnation sports an "open-world, quests and NPCs".


The latter bit seems deeply dubious to us - Valve is celebrated for its mastery of the linear shooter campaign - but then again, we live in a world where Spark Unlimited makes Ninja Gaiden titles and the man behind Deus Ex works with Disney. Stranger things have happened, and probably will happen. More plausibly, the source claims Half-Life 3 will launch "after 2013", which suggests that it will appear on next generation consoles.

A huge quantity of Half-Life 3 concept artworks leaked earlier this year, revealing snowy environments and exciting Soviet headgear for returning character Alyx Vance. It's believed that the game's long delay could be down to the development of a new Source Engine. Valve's Gabe Newell has said he doesn't want to "drive people crazy" with premature announcements.

Open world Half-Life. Any takers?