Eight Minecraft PC texture packs we demand on Xbox 360

From SkyrimCraft to MineOkami

For fans of an artform that has the Latin word for "to see" in the title, gamers can be pretty gosh-darned snooty about visuals. Time and time again during our daily conquest of the internet, we come across condescending asides like "gameplay beats graphics" - as though "graphics" were some sort of disposable food wrapper, rather than a skin without which the game's internal organs would spill all over the carpet.

If you're firmly of the opinion that how something looks makes not the slightest bit of difference to how you interact with it, consider the below custom texture collections for Minecraft on PC. 4J Studios has expressed an interest in getting the more popular PC mods operational on Minecraft for Xbox 360. May we suggest adding these to your list, gents?

1. Okami
Isn't the real-life sun boring? We much prefer Okami's celestial orb, a massive tufted ball of crimson threads. They don't grow cherry blossoms like those outside of a TV screen, either.

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