FIFA producer: FIFA 13's Wii U features "equally at home" on Xbox SmartGlass

"It's definitely something that we're talking about at the studio."

FIFA 13's executive producer David Rutter has said that Wii U's tablet functions would translate naturally to any device running Microsoft's Xbox SmartGlass app, which launches later this year.

In case you've forgotten, SmartGlass basically acts as a super-efficient medium between console games and tablets or phones. It allows developers to automatically push out auxiliary material like world maps or in-game encyclopaedia content to handheld devices when you fire up the game in question.


Asked by Ausgamers whether he'd thought of capitalising on this, Rutter commented: "Sure. It's something that we've been talking about in the studio, and indeed when you... I don't know if you've had an opportunity to see the Wii U version that we announced a little while ago, that's got some amazing features in it that would be equally at home on SmartGlass.

"It's not something that we've gotten to for FIFA 13," he added. "It kind of happened too late for us - but it's definitely something that we're talking about at the studio." Scope for introducing SmartGlass functionality via FIFA 13 DLC, perhaps?

Microsoft's E3 2012 SmartGlass demo included a prototype Madden app, which allows you to draw plays, challenge referees and the like and with your finger. It's not hard to imagine a similar app for FIFA 13. Here are eight things you can already do with SmartGlass, and 10 ways it could rock the world of videogames.