Microsoft buys up domains for Halo 7, Halo 8 and Halo 9

Another trilogy to follow the Reclaimer Trilogy?

What will the world be like when Halo 9 hits shelves? Chances are, we'll have actually met the Covenant by then and be too busy kicking their filthy unshaven keisters to spend time on videogames.

The Xbox 2880 will be approaching the end of its life - literally, as it'll be constructed from organic components. There will be new Armor Abilities for the ageing Master Chief (assuming he didn't pop his space clogs at the end of Halo 6) - Built-In Catheter, Pacemaker and Artificial Hip Cream. And my K/D ratio still won't be worth a damn.


Thus the tempting prospect posed by Microsoft's registering a brace of new Halo web domains -, and Chances are it's just another one of those brand-detecting strategums, but what the hey. Microsoft already owns and Strewth.

Thanks to Fusible for the tip-off.