Our Borderlands 2 Xbox 360 review - what do you want to know?

Pick Log's brains on Gearbox's latest

Our Borderlands 2 review goes live next week, care of Log with a little help from Matt on the co-op front. Here's a sneak preview based on what I can see of his screen from my desk: lots of colourful noises happen, then Log falls over and has to shoot a robot in the head before he can stand back up, then another robot knocks him down again and he says "you cheeky bugger" and Matt says "sorry, I was in the menu". 9/10.


You'll already know plenty about how Gearbox has tackled some of Borderlands 1's problems, thanks to yesterday's feature on how Gearbox has tackled some of Borderlands 1's problems, but if there's anything you're still unclear on, drop us a comment and we'll do our best to address it in the review. Or failing that, in the form of a follow-up Q&A, after the example of Matt's Dragon's Dogma piece.

I'll start things off by asking about quest structures. Are they more interesting this time, Log? Or has the Seagull of Aspiration once again fallen foul/fowl of the Trans-Atlantic Jet Turbine of Quantity Thinking? The people need to know. Also, is Ellie still one of your favourite gaming grotesques?