Aliens: Colonial Marines LE trailer: play as Apone, Drake, Hicks and Hudson

How do we get out of this chicken-s**t outfit?

Buy the Aliens: Colonial Marines Limited Edition and you'll get access to four playable characters from the original Aliens film - Private Hudson, Corporal Hicks, Private Drake and Sergeant Apone. This is apparently Already Known About, but not by me.

I've got mega-dibs on Hudson, as I understand the man best. His personality is an open book to me, a book filled with one-liners. When people on voice chat ask the guy playing Hicks to do something, anything, I'll chip in with "Hudson, sir. He's Hicks." When the Sarge bites dust, I'll run around screaming "WHERE'S APONE, WHERE'S APONE?"

And needless to say, when everybody dies due to my abject incompetence, I'll close proceedings with that immortal phrase "game over, man, game over!" Oh, the fun we'll have! Oh, the friends I'll lose!

Colonial Marines launches on 12th February, and is one of eight games we'd happily postpone Christmas for.

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