Indie Uprising Day #3 - Diehard Dungeon is Diablo's worst nightmare

A belated trip to the nether darkness

So we forgot to write up yesterday's Indie Uprising recommendation. For that, we should be thrown into a tear- and blood-soaked abyss filled with giants, spiked traps and hideous, hideous minigames. A dungeon akin to Diehard Dungeon, perhaps - a frankly mental top-down effort from Toby Land and Devon-based studio tricktale.


The dungeon in question is randomly generated every time you play, and houses many strange sights. We've watched the trailer four times now, and we still have no idea what's going on. Is that a giant cupcake? Where did the slot machine come from? The sprites are sort of reminiscent of Zelda in places.

Go on, have a look. Diehard Dungeon costs 80 MP, and you can download it here.