Xbox Live Indie Uprising 3 kicks off: 10 days, 10 awesome indie games

Bizarre Snake homage qrth-phyl leads the charge

Xbox Live Indie Games customers, arise! You have nothing to lose but your chains and also probably your leisure time and emotional well-being. The third annual Indie Uprising is upon us - a ten-day, one-a-day celebration of the best XBLIG titles.

We don't believe in irrational hero-worship, as the latest OXM Breakdown attests, but we'll happily get behind each and every Uprising contributor. Salt of the earth, innit. First on the list is hermitgames with the self-explanatory qrth-phyl - self-explanatory, that is, if your mind operates in at least seven dimensions simultaneously, five of them soaked in absinthe.


The gist, as near as we can guess, is that it's classic Snake - eat the dots, avoid your own tail - with a lingering case of Inceptionitis. "Arcade documentary of maze/dot/snake mechanic within changing dimensions, axis locks and the corruption of the system," points out the blurb, like a mother trying to soothe a fractious child with unintelligible noises. "Collect, grow, avoid your past, find new space, wake up..." Solid. Looks pretty, at the very least. Download here.

Of note: the trailer has prompted an office-wide discussion as to whether the music counts as dubstep. Well, I asked and everybody else looked at me in silent contempt. A short discussion, then. Damn know-it-all kids.

Watch out for another Uprising recommendation tomorrow.