Splitting sides: Xbox 360's funniest games

If laughter is the best medicine, consider this a Phoenix Down

What constitutes a genuine "mature" game? According to some it's sandpapery visuals, a tendency to debunk notions of "good" and "evil" as naive or hypocritical, and a main character who looks like he or she hasn't slept since birth. Grown up entertainment, in other words, is entertainment that depresses you. Enjoyment? That's kiddy stuff.

Here's an alternative definition: mature games are simply those that exercise your wits, your [insert deity]-given intellect, and one way of doing that is cracking wise. A joke that doesn't work can be more painful than the most agonising of tragedies, but it's worth sitting through the regrettable examples to experience the real rib-ticklers, as demonstrated below.

It's a testament to the quality of Alex Garland's writing and Ninja Theory's direction that Enslaved switches so easily and seamlessly from gloomy romance to humour. By a few hours in, there's serious chemistry between player character Monkey and postergirl Trip. Scenes of devastation and the regular appearance of homicidal robots don't do much to scupper the mood. Then, Pigsy shows up - a squat, lecherous fellow survivor who wastes no time bungling the pair's awkward attempts at flirtation. The two scenes below sum it up, especially the second one.

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