14 Xbox Live Arcade games we can't wait to play

The pick of this and next year's releases

Xbox Live Arcade has had a wonderful six months, thanks to such doozies as Spelunky, Trials Evolution and Fez. But recent events - Microsoft's commitment to free-to-play, the more credible kind of Xbox 720 rumour - suggest that the service's best could be yet to come.

There are at least 14 titles you should keep your eyes on, and in an amazing twist, they're the same 14 titles which comprise our latest, index-finger-abusing list feature. For more about how Xbox Live Arcade might evolve to speed the onrush of quality releases, read our lengthy chat with the makers of Joe Danger, Shuggy and Darwinia.

Battleblock Theater
Battleblock Theater's co-op mode is, in fact, "co-optional". Did you see what they did there? No? Well allow me to explain. In theory, you'll need to work with your mates to get from one side of each level to another, negotiating such hazards as platforms that vanish at the slightest brush, spikes, explosions and people who want to punch you. In practice, your mates need taking down a peg or two, and you should probably (e.g.) hoof them off a cliff with a hysterical giggle. The presence of an on-screen audience of jeering theatre-goers doesn't exactly foster team spirit.

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