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Capcom toying with the idea of Devil May Cry co-op

But it won't be in Ninja Theory's reboot

Looks like Bayonetta developer Platinum isn't the only outfit experimenting with the notion of a multiplayer beat 'em up in the Devil May Cry mould. Capcom's senior producer Alex Jones has said that a co-op friendly instalment isn't beyond question "at some point in the future".

Said functionality could (we reckon) take the form of a downloadable update (a la SSX) for Ninja Theory's impending Devil May Cry reboot, which seems nicely set up for co-op thanks to the presence of Dante's twin brother Vergil. That's him in the picture there. Creepy.


"I'm not even going to tease you," Jones told IGN, with the smile of a man doing exactly that. "We're not doing co-op for reasons that are purely narrative; like we wanted to tell the story of Dante and to have to account for another person on that journey would have an impact on the narrative.

"DmC is the sort of game where you want to hoard all the enemies to yourself in order to get your ranking up, so if you're having to fight with the person that you're theoretically co-operating with it would just create a skewed set of priorities.

"At some point in the future, if we can figure out a way to solve that then maybe; but for this one you're going it alone as Dante."

The idea's unlikely to go down well with fans of old-style Dante, already moved to great feats of umbrage by the new art direction and tone. "When we first announced [DmC], I think that we had some sense that we might not be greeted as liberators, as it were," Jones observed elsewhere in the piece.

"We were making a lot of changes to an established franchise that a lot of people were passionate about. I think that we might have been surprised by the intensity and the duration of the feedback, but we actually were heartened by it in a way because it showed that people are still passionate about the series, so that part was fine."