Skyrim DLC Hearthfire will let you buy land, build your own house - rumour

Frostcrag Spire to feature in next Elder Scrolls expansion pack

Take your salt shaker, throw it in the air and dance in the resulting rain of pinches. Skyrim's next DLC pack, Hearthfire, will apparently allow players to buy land and build their very own houses.

That's per an "official description" leaked by Reddit user derptemp6698, who appears to specialise in such matters. Read it below, if you can stomach the excitement.

"Hearthfire, the next official game-add on for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, has arrived. For the first time in the Elder Scrolls universe, purchase land and build your own home from the ground up - from a simple one-room cottage to a sprawling compound complete with armory, alchemy laboratory, trophy room, and more! With Hearthfire, the possibilities of what you can build are endless."


It's already possible to buy and outfit existing houses in Skyrim, of course, but this is rather more comprehensive than that. If the rumour's true, I'd say there are heartening implications for Elder Scrolls modding on Xbox 360. Mods are one of the main reasons Skyrim enjoys such lasting popularity on PC, and Bethesda's made no bones of its desire to similarly empower console players.

Derptemp6698 has also circulated a picture (attached) of what appears to be Frostcrag Spire in the Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. A popular Oblivion plug-in, it's located near Bruma in northern Cyrodiil. An indication, perhaps, that Hearthfire will draw on the low resolution environment renders located past Skyrim's southern border? Time will tell.

Valiant OXM intern Sam Horti had a think about Hearthfire's possible storyline and contents last week. Going by Elder Scrolls lore, the pack may involve a trip to Artaeum and further dealings with the mysterious Psijic Order.

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