Huxley MMO still alive, new details revealed

New information surfaces on long-delayed MMO/FPS

Some new details on the long-awaited online shooter Huxley have been confirmed by OXM in the US. A spokesman for developer/publisher Webzen has revealed exclusive content for the Xbox 360 in the current issue of the magazine, along with the news that you won't need to pay a subscription if you skip the "MMO" part of the game.

It's been a long while since we heard anything about Huxley, which we'd assumed was due to the massive amount of work involved in creating it. Combining FPS standards like twitch combat and vehicles with a persistent MMO world featuring player-v-player, player-v-enemy and a proper levelling system, it's a hugely ambitious creation.


Now Producer Kijong "KJ" Kang has told our chums in the States that while the 360 version will be out "a few months" after the PC release later this year, it'll feature a lot more content.

Xbox-exclusive campaigns and PVP battles will "reveal more secrets about world that you will never find in the PC version," he said. This single-player gameplay will feed naturally into an MMO backend where you can get stuck into 200-person PvP battles.

You'll have to pay a subscription to access the servers, but if you stick to single-player, you're assured of "a great experience... without any charges or fees."

If you're in the US, check out the story in issue #85 of OXM, and we'll have it in the July issue in the UK.