Halo 4 Specialisations: unlockable armor and weapon skins revealed

Make your Plasma Pistol look like a radioactive pretzel

It takes a special kind of man to run around a field of war dressed like a bowl of Lucky Charms, but then, Halo players aren't ordinary men. 343 has published screenshots of various riotously pigmented armor and weapon skins, unlocked when you crank enough experience in one of eight recently announced multiplayer Specialisations.

Specialisations, in case you'd forgotten, are basically miniature classes which are nine tenths cosmetic unlock to one tenth gameplay-modifying perk. Example: as an Engineer, you'll eventually be able to sense incoming Ordinance Drops a few seconds ahead of other players. Fire up our Halo 4 Specialisations list for more details.


In a slightly tricksy twist, buyers of the Halo 4 Limited Edition will get access to six of the eight Specialisations early. 343 assures that this won't wreck the multiplayer balancing at launch, as you'll only get your hands on each Specialisation's special ability once you've levelled up fifty times, but we're slightly worried nonetheless.

Check out the skins below. Not exactly camo-wear, is it?