Has FIFA 13 fixed FIFA 12's seven greatest flaws?

Sam Horti compares this year and last year's FIFA outings

The FIFA series may be the world's favourite set of footy sims, but that doesn't make it perfect. Though excellent on the whole, FIFA 12 had its fair share of wobbly moments - the new defending system in particular has proven incredibly divisive. Has FIFA 13 tackled these and other blemishes? Let's find out.

You might want to read our first and second FIFA 13 previews before continuing. A FIFA 13 demo is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace for Gold subscribers.

1. Defensive nightmare
If you spent most of this year jumping up and down in your seat, manically screaming "why the hell did he just fall over?" then you're either wrestling with Tactical Defending or you should go see a psychiatrist. The system was laudably ambitious, trading homing missile syndrome for twitchier questions of positioning, but it didn't quite take off. Mastery came slowly, making early play sessions feel too much like hard work, and although you could at least attack with confidence on higher difficulty levels, you'd get nervous if your opponent so much as sniffed your area. So to speak.


Is it fixed?
Yes. No. Sort of. EA hasn't reverted to the idiot-proof homing from previous games, but it has diluted FIFA 12's system. The same mechanics make a return - you'll track your opponent until you see a good opportunity to step in - but you have some AI assistance with the angle of your tackle. It should remove a lot of the frustration without sacrificing too much realism.

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