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Rumour: first Xbox 720 screenshot reveals Kinect 2 interface

Durango devkit allegedly slips through Microsoft's fingers

A blurry, part-obscured screenshot of something which purports to be Xbox 720's Kinect 2 development tool has appeared over at Xboxygen. Salt shakers at the ready, please.

Besides making mention of alleged next gen Xbox codename "Durango", the shot suggests that Kinect's successor will be able to recognise clothes and track fingers.


Yesterday, it was revealed that Microsoft will launch "a new version of Xbox" (not necessarily a new console) in the next 18 months. Expanded, included-as-standard Kinect functionality is also hotly rumoured. Microsoft's own Glenn Gregory has said that built-in Kinect is a good idea.

What do you think? Here are some probably bogus Xbox 720 rumours to sneer at.