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OXM presents the first Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360 review - "shorter than GTA IV, but sweeter"

A Wei better game than we were expecting

Issue 89 is on shelves today, and with it, the very first Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360 review. We knew this was going to be good, ladies and gents, but quite how good we had no idea.

A gripping vision of Hong Kong which sports breakneck driving, a sharp, well-acted storyline and varied missions, the game earned a majestic 9/10. Reviewer Log's only real quibble is that it's a little short by open world standards, at 14 hours in length (update: complete all the inessential stuff, and you're looking at around 20). The full text will go live on the site later this month - read our latest preview while you wait.

Update: our full Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360 review is live. Enjoy.


There's plenty more of note in issue 89 - this is a Borderlands 2 special, guest-edited by Claptrap and crammed to the gills with Gearbox insight, weapon and class breakdowns and hands-on ruminations.

There are six different covers, showing six different faces from the Borderlands universe. Find one of ten golden varieties, and you'll win a TV. See, we know how to treat you right. More details here.