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SSX update 3.0 adds multiplayer modes, Freeride, triggers bug-fix avalanche

The "biggest and best SSX update so far"

EA Sports has released its "biggest and best SSX update so far, with two brand new game modes and loads of other fixes and improvements". Let's have a snoop at the small print, shall we?

3-2-1-Go! is a head-to-head multiplayer affair, as rumoured. It allows six riders to compete simultaneously in Trick It and Race It heats, with no restarts. In Trick It, you've all got to beat the clock. In Race It, the first player to cross the line triggers a countdown for the rest.


The other new mode is Freeride, which strips out the HUD, clock, score gauge, rulesets and ghosts, letting you tackle any of the courses at your own pace. Reach the bottom, and the helicopter will fly you back to the top for another go.

The update fixes a number of SSX bugs, including but not limited to: large numbers of Geotags causing crashes; an issue associated with earning large numbers of credits; problems with lifetime earnings; and "The Gold Miner" failing to unlock. Ridernet is now faster and better at saving and loading information.

Check the game's main menu for more.