Find Claptrap on OXM's cover and win a TV!

Be a Vault Hunter with our Borderlands 2 exclusive

The new issue of OXM, out Wednesday 8th August, has some very special Borderlands 2 covers - one for every main character, and ten ultra-rare ones showing returning robot irritant Claptrap. If you get a Claptrap one, then you've won a TV and copy of the game signed by Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford.

UPDATE: We've currently had four covers found - in Gloucestershire, Inverness, Kent and Surrey. Still more remain undiscovered, if you haven't tried your luck.


We've celebrated our unprecedented access to the game and the developer with a whopping six different foil covers. Subscribers get a silver one displaying new archvillain Handsome Jack, while newsstand copies get the four player characters of Salvadore, Maya, Axton and Zer0. Mixed in among these are ten ultra-rare Claptrap covers, which will offer the highly desirable loot of a 40-inch TV and signed copy of the game.

Inside there's extensive Borderlands 2 coverage which extends to the issue being guest-edited by Claptrap himself - as relayed by the team at Gearbox. As well as his comments and insight into the games in the mag, they also revealed new details on the game in our extensive eight-page feature.

Elsewhere in the issue, LucasArts and Industrial Light and Magic exclusively discuss how they're getting back into gaming with Star Wars 1313, there's a guide to being horrible online that you should absolutely not follow, and Valve reveal what went into making Half-Life 2. There's also the world's first Xbox 360 review of the excellent Sleeping Dogs.

If you've got a Claptrap cover, the first step is to mail a picture of it to and we'll sort out verification. This will involve sending the magazine back to us to confirm it's legit. Other terms and conditions apply, which you can find on page 10 of the magazine.

You can buy a copy of the mag from tomorrow with free postage from, or pick it up in any supermarket and most newsagents - it's in a card wallet with Salvador on, so you'll have to take your chances. If you don't want a TV but do want the latest on Borderlands 2, you get get a digital version from Apple Newsstand or Zinio for PC and Android.