Rumour: Ubisoft's new Prince of Persia used to be a next gen IP

New screenshot leaks: flowing locks are out, new setting is in?

Some internet safe-breaker has swiped an alleged screenshot from Ubisoft's next Prince of Persia game, suggesting a dramatic shift in style for the wall-running adventure series.

The new game was reportedly shown to select journalists behind closed doors at E3 this year, has "no relation" to previous Princes of Persia, and will release before end 2013.


Notice the shortage of follicles in the new shot- it corroborates the follicle-deficiency of the man in these rumoured cutscene captures, emblazoned with the strapline "Judgement is Coming". Yep, that's some corroborated follicle-deficiency right there.

The NeoGAF poster behind the leak claims the next Prince of Persia is "God of War-lite", and was originally a new IP for next generation consoles "that would have been like God of War meets Shadow of the Colossus".

We're not that heartened by this. Are you? Cheers, EG.