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The 10 best Xbox 360 games of 2012 so far

Games worth trying while we wait for the autumn

The sun may be a distant memory, lost beneath the clouds and the blanket coverage of rictus-faced sportspeople doing things which would cause normal humans to explode into clouds of gristle and vertebrae, but you can still tell it's summer: there aren't any new games to play.

The last thing worth hitting the shops for was Spec Ops, now there's nothing but a Summer of Arcade that's only fractionally better than the real-world version we're currently experiencing, and dubious retail releases like Ice Age 4: Continental Drift: Arctic Games, which is being passed around the team like a warm dog turd as everybody contrives to come up with reasons not to review it.

But fear not: this year has been better than many, and there are many fine games in shops and on Xbox Live that are well worth your time. We've picked our current top ten.

1. Spelunky

This deceptively cutesy-looking platformer is the single most infuriating, most sworn-at game in OXM's history. And yet it's the game we all still play every lunchtime. The magic is that you don't learn the levels, which are randomly generated every time you play, but the mechanics you use to get through them - so while you'll lose your progress with every death, you gradually learn how to handle every one of each level's myriad insta-death enemies. Apart from spikes. Spikes can do one.

Read our Spelunky review here.

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