Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream DLC finally dated for Xbox 360

Still costs 560 MP, still adds five new campaigns

Left 4 Dead 2's long-awaited Cold Stream DLC pack will launch on Friday, 3rd August, Valve has announced. The DLC costs 560 MP, weighs 1GB and will accompany a Left 4 Dead 2 title update.

Both the pack and update were slated to land last week, but the latter got held up in Microsoft certification and the former couldn't launch without it. Valve fought running battles with annoyed fans on Twitter following the news, slamming accusations of laziness as "incorrect and illogical".

Here's a rundown of the pack's contents. I'm liking the sound of the airport campaign. Wonder if there's a "No Russian" joke?

Crash Course

Shooting your zombie pilot might seem like a good idea at the time, but in this campaign it only leads to fighting your way through a zombie filled warehouse section of town. Hold out in the truck yard until you can lower your escape truck and head to safety.

Death Toll

Make your way down a turnpike littered with abandoned cars to the nearby ghost town of Riverside-the site of a failed stand-off between the last of humanity and a limitless swarm of undead. Fight through the ruins of small town America to the waterfront nearby, where a rescue party can take you upriver to safety.

Dead Air

Guide your team of Survivors out of the downtown and onto the runway of Metro International Airport, where the only thing standing between you and the last plane out of the city is a murderous army of the undead.

Blood Harvest

Plunge through pitch-black forests, stumble blindly through fields of swaying corn, and take aim at the silhouettes leaping at you from the darkness-all towards finding a hold-out that might already have been abandoned to the horde.

Cold Stream

This community-created campaign throws you deep in the back woods to face thousands of zombies as you battle your way to a helicopter rescue. Don't let the water or waves of zombies sweep you away to your death.

All Mutations, all the time

Want to play Gib Fest with some friends? Looking for a competitive game of confogl? Maybe you want to relax with the solitary pursuits of Lone Gunman or Last Man on Earth? With this update, all of the Mutations are now available to you all the time. Xbox players will need to own The Passing DLC for access to Mutations.