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Witcher 3 may add multiplayer, CD Projekt vacancy reveals

"Dark Fantasy" project to sport online component

Did you ever ponder the Witcher 2's vast, grimy bounty of sword runes, chesticles and potion brewing menus and think "you know, what this really needs is a multiplayer component"? No, I can't say I did either, but The Witcher 3 may dip a toe nonetheless.


CD Projekt is now hiring for a multiplayer programmer on its "Dark Fantasy" project, popularly thought to be another instalment in the Bawdy Misadventures of Geralt of Rivia.

The successful applicant will "prepare our engine for challenges of upcoming online component of our future games" and will have "experience developing RPG games", "experience with physics in a multiplayer environment" and "experience creating gameplay systems in a multiplayer environment".

A CV which spans Xbox 360, PS3 and PC is a plus, further underlining CD Projekt's insistence that it will focus on multiplatform games from here on out.

How on earth would you make The Witcher a multiplayer title? Is this another case of needless crowbarring?