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Best Xbox 360 games: Xbox Live Indie greats

The pick of the litterbox

Perhaps great is a strong word. These titles might not be great in the same way as Alexander the Great. His empire went from the Himalayas to the Ionian Sea, which is somewhat more impressive than making a game where you slide greasily along a strip of pixels.

Nevertheless! Every month, we review nine indie games in the magazine, and every month a couple stand up to more than a moment's scrutiny. Here are the ten games that scored four stars over the last few months. Including one, if you'll hold onto your ten-gallon happy hats, that scored the maximum five stars. What is this Indie Skyrim? Read on...


Social Loner, 80MP

A pithy, absurd wit sets this shooter apart. Ploughing through the mercenary forces of the Guardians of Devastation feels like the top-down sections of Contra, only this game realises just how ridiculous it is.


ESP Games, 80MP

Turn-based tactics game in which you and the enemy AI plot your moves separately but simultaneously, then commit them to action to see how the plans collide. Clumsily presented, but with a sharp mechanical hook.


GZ Storm, 80MP

Not a game in itself, but an unending torrent of games pastiche. Illogical moral-choices follow army character creation screens and absurd minigames. Funny - though it's doubtful that XBLIG needs more help to look ridiculous.


Venesectrix, 80MP

XBLIG needs another twin-stick shooter like a fish needs a cybernetic plasma launcher fin attachment. However, this one lets you design your own weapons. It's a fair schmup besides - chaotic and colourful.


Andrew Gaubatz, 240MP

Tower defence, city builder and Scrabble game - looks like this'll have the middle of that Venn diagram to itself for a while. Its UI struggles, andthe mash-up of rules is tricky to digest, but definitely moreish. Unique and ingenious.

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