Win a Skyrim Limited Edition Xbox 360 with Kinect

Bethesda trumpets Dawnguard with console giveaway

Bethesda's giving away a Skyrim-branded Limited Edition Xbox 360 console to celebrate the release of Skyrim DLC pack Dawnguard. A prize worthy of great feats, you'd have thought - a prize fearsome warriors might do battle for beneath a blood-red moon.


Actually, all you need do is send the developers an email. They just don't craft heroic quests like they used to.

The competition starts today at 12pm GMT, and winds up at 12pm on 2nd August. To enter, mail with the subject line "Skyrim Xbox 360 - UK?". The email must include your name, a valid postal address and your email address. Only 18 year olds and older need apply.

Jump through to the Bethblog for details in full.