Next gen Kinect: Microsoft hiring for fancy 3D imaging work, "the best is yet to come"

"The Xbox Platform Team is gearing up towards the next generation of Natural User Interface"

If you don't like getting your next generation console news via Microsoft job postings, today is not your lucky day. The manufacterer has had a busy July, announcing vacancies for dozens of roles on current and future Xbox platform development. Some hint at third party publishing deals, others the evolution of Xbox Live, still more the bulking up of Microsoft Games Studios. There's also mention of great advances in the field of Natural User Interface technology, a wooly term which covers motion-sensing devices like Kinect.

"Do you want to work on the future of Natural User Input as a member of the team that *shipped* Kinect for the Xbox 360?" intones the blurb for a Software Development Engineer at the Interactive Entertainment Business in Redmond. "Do you have strong research skills and are passionate about engineering and product development?


"The Xbox Platform Team is gearing up towards the next generation of Natural User Interface (NUI) technologies. We are the convergence zone of MSR, Incubation, Game Developers and the XBOX Platform, providing the building blocks for exciting new NUI experiences."

Meanwhile, over at Microsoft's research labs in Haifa, Israel, a senior electronic engineer is sought to join a "a fast growing team that is responsible for designing, building and delivering the devices and the innovative solution for Xbox and various future NUI applications.

"If you are passionate for electronic design of 3D imaging cameras which will serve millions throughout the world, we are offering a unique and great opportunity for talented people, to help us build and ensure our products meets the highest standards."

Improved Kinect features are among those proposed by a leaked "Xbox 720" design brief, confirmed to be authentic but not necessarily representative of the current state of Microsoft's next generation console project. The document posits two sensors, placed to either side of the TV for vastly more accurate depth perception.

One more before you go. Back in Redmond, there's call for a software development engineer to work on future tech.

"If you enjoy being close to the metal, working on cutting edge hardware, being involved with the incredible innovation of Kinect, and being part of a team of highly efficient engineers then this role is for you," notes the copy. "The world has watched us ship some incredible products...the best is yet to come!"