10 most popular Minecraft clones

The copycats that aim to take it down a notch

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There are 200 different building blocks in CastleMiner, but you need to ensnare plenty of friends to play it with you before you'll gain access to the full set. The emphasis here is entirely on building, which apparently means that you get to fl y. After five minutes of gliding around making cubic expletives in the sky, we grew tired with CastleMiner and decided to chip off. It isn't as garish as FortressCraft, but being bland isn't really much better.

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CastleMiner Z
Taking the only natural path of progression for a series about making buildings out of bricks, CastleMiner Z is a surprisingly tense survival horror. You can mine for resources to build new weapons, or build a fort to hold the undead off. Our favourite mode saw you trying to travel as far as possible without being killed by zombies or dragons. Emptying a clip into an airborne dragon is like a cross between Skyrim and Point Break.

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