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10 most popular Minecraft clones

The copycats that aim to take it down a notch

Minecraft might be bigger than hip-hop, but it only appeared on our console quite recently. While Mojang was busy making sure that the Xbox 360 version was perfect, plenty of other savvy developers started selling similar-sounding games on Xbox Live's Indie Game Marketplace. We played ten of the most popular offerings to find out if there were any contenders worthy of placing their bum on the smooth-stone throne.

Bit Digger
This 2D isometric wannabe looks slick from afar, but isn't much fun. The incredibly sensitive controls make building fiddly to the point of frustration, and there's no real incentive to dig underground. You can make spikes and lava, but it's all just cosmetic. Walking over spikes is no different to any other block, and you can swim in lava without a care in the world. We tried to blow ourselves up with TNT. It didn't work. Yawn.

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Fortress Wars
This is an ugly blend between two genres that never threatens to make any sense. Scenery can be built or destroyed in a Minecraft fashion, while Avatars run around with poorly-rendered guns killing each other for no reason at all. Each game devolves into a foggy mess of partial destruction, creating levels that look like they were designed by the two blokes who never finished your gran's patio. This is probably where cowboy builders go when they die.

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