Zuma's Revenge

Prepare to bash some balls

Whilst using a frog to shoot balls at other balls may sound like a recipe for boredom (and possibly an RSPCA lawsuit) Zuma's Revenge builds upon a basic premise to give a challenging, if slightly grating, experience.

Like every other match-three puzzle game ever, you've got to match three balls of the same colour for points. Zuma's Revenge provides some originality in the form of its Pacific Island, 'frog re-enacts the plot of Lost' theme, but it's based on well-trodden ground. If you enjoy showing off your wicked skills to online leaderboards, the game provides ample opportunity to hone those lightning reflexes, and after familiarising yourself with the first few levels you will soon feel like an elite amphibious marksman.


With a target score and time to beat for every level, there is plenty of incentive to return to earlier sections and prove your worth. However, if you're looking for a more laid back experience, the annoying difficulty at some points makes repeating levels an unavoidable chore. Boss battles provide variation, but they're few and far between.

(A fun aside: Highlight the 'quit game' option on the main menu and text will come up warning you that doing so may anger the mighty Zuma. Feel free to ignore it, but staying away from heavy objects might be advisable. You never know...)

In fairness, there's more content here than you can shake a frog at - a lot for 800 MS points - and with XBLA exclusive game modes such as a weekly resetting challenge mode and the one-life, no restarts 'Iron Frog' campaign this is a rare catch, but it fails to detract from the feeling that this game belongs more on a phone that your 360.

By Noah Aldhous

The verdict

A hop above the original, but hardly a revolution

  • Tried and tested formula
  • Rewards thought and skill
  • Challenges everywhere!
  • Exclusive game modes for XBLA
  • Repetition sets in fast
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